Shocking: Geeta Kapoor’s Daughter Cremates Her, Informs Barely Anybody

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Here’s some more disturbing news about Pakeezah fame, Geeta Kapoor. The actress, who breathed her last on May 26 in an old age home was cremated by daughter, Aradhya, last night without informing anyone.

Social activist Ashoke Pandit who looked after Geeta Kapoor in her last days spoke to us this morning and expressed that he is shocked that no one informed him or the officials at the old age home (who stood by the late actress in her times of need) about Geeta Kapoor’s funeral.

He said, “I called up the doctors to check on the matter and they informed me that the actress’ last rites have been done by daughter Aradhaya, last night.  They didn’t want anybody to be present and son is still nowhere in the scene.”

On hearing that the cremation of the late actress has already been done, Ashoke Pandit was speechless.

He further tweeted, “
The daughter & sisters of late actress #GeetaKapoor Ji performed her last rites, late last night. Even though Dr. Tripathi, Old Age Home sisters, #ArchanaShourie & I requested them to inform us so that we, who stood by her pain, are part of her last journey. But they didn’t. Sad!”

Talking about the daughter, Aradhya, we told you yesterday, that she did not attend to her mother- actress Geeta Kapoor, in the old-age home-never came forward to take her back and never appeared on the scene when her brother Raja abandoned her in a hospital. Aradhya suddenly surfaced after the actress’ death and rushed to Cooper Hospital. Surprisingly, even yesterday she did not wish to disclose the details of the cremation.

Shockingly, the daughter was unaware of her mother’s plight till date although the news of Geeta Kapoor’s son abandoning her in a hospital few months back got ample media coverage.

Aradhya is still not taking any calls. Even WhatsApp messages did not stir her to write back something.

We also told you how the actress waited for her son, Raja to come till her last breath.Ashoke Pandit also tweeted about the son not showing up. He wrote, “Meanwhile, no sign of Geeta Kapoor’s son Raja yet. The lady’s last words were: Mera Raja Aayega. Put your hands together for this man who abandoned his mother in a hospital and ran away as if the cops were chasing him for a crime he had committed, and has not yet turned up at Cooper Hospital (Irla) where his mother Geeta Kapoor’s body lies waiting for him to come and perform her last rites so that her soul may (really, may) rest in peace. Geeta Kapoor (67), who acted in films like Pakeezah and Razia Sultan, breathed her last
on Saturday at SRV Hospital.”

Pandit who admitted her in an old age home (along with Ramesh Taurani) and even met her off and on, told us, “My anger is increasing by the minute. Raja hasn’t yet arrived for the last rites. What a shame!”

Geeta Kapoor’s health was slipping downhill by the day, since the past three months. “She was barely on some liquid diet, she had gone blank, and all that I heard from her even two days before her death when I met her was ‘Mera Raja Aayega’. “If you ask me, Geetaji had a very, very sad death. She died in hope, err, and despair. Life is a full circle. Geetaji’s grandson might behave similarly with their parents,” Pandit had told us.


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